It all started with the word Auspicious... meaning "conducive to success" & the tortoise logo representing progress/patience. This brand was founded with the principle idea that we are all destined for greatness & that we can all live a life doing what we truly love... because we all have a greater purpose in this life. Unfortunately, we don't always fulfill our dreams or unlock our full potential due to fear, negativity, or unfortunate circumstances that occur in our life. However, slowly but surely we must remain patient & fall in love with the process; trust the journey on your way towards your goals. Whether it be a small goal or a big crazy dream, little by little if you remain patient, consistent & work to the best of your ability... you will succeed! If others are doing what they love then why can't you? Remember that you are Auspicious. Slowly but surely... lets grow together.
- Auspicious Family (IG @Auspicious_Apparel)
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